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We produce and sale real/fake documents undetectable counterfeit money and credit Cards.

We produce and process documents which can be use to travel and work in any country of your choice. We produce counterfeit money which can also be used at any place and any time. Our real documents are valid and registered in the required government database. As where as our fake documents look 90% real and can also be use for travel but that is done at the clients risk. We advice clients who want to use their documents for travel to always go in for the real documents. Registered passport of all countries, visas, biometric passport, degrees, driver’s license, ID cards, training certificates, M GCSE, A-levels, Social security card, Canada Cards, United States Cards, Student Cards, International Cards, Private Cards, Adoption Certificates, Baptism Certificates, Birth Certificates, Death Certificates, Divorce Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Custom Certificates High School Diplomas, G.E.D. Diplomas, Home School Diplomas, College Degrees, University Degrees, Trade Skill Certificates, Validate SSN Number US green cards, Counterfeit dollars/euro, Spy Products, Voice Changers Listening Devices, Invisible Ink, DMV Record Inquiry, buy registered and unregistered ID cards, buy registered and unregistered driver’s license worldwide, buy registered and unregistered USA(United States) passports, buy registered and unregistered Australian passports, buy registered and unregistered Belgium passports, purchase registered and unregistered Brazilian(Brazil) passports, buy registered and unregistered Canadian(Canada) passports, buy registered and unregistered Finnish(Finland) passports, buy registered and unregistered French(France) passports, buy registered and unregistered German(Germany) passports, get registered and unregistered Dutch(Netherlands/Holland) passports, buy registered and unregistered Israel passports.

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You can take the pic against a white background using a high pixel digital camera, the light should be balance. Head should be straight. The picture should not reflect light. Please stand at attention, we need front side. Don’t wear glasses. Don’t take the picture under yellow or red light. Take a picture where the camera is 6-8 fit away from your body. We can crop and zoom in the picture as long as it is a 3 megapixel or more camera.

You need to sign a signature by using a black pen on white A4 paper, take picture or scan. pics are easy to work with than scanning. if you scan at a higher resolution. FLASH OFF PLEASE.

PAYMENT is upfront. meaning you need to pay before we send to you.We will contact you with payment details.

You can  fill out the complete order details, then send to us. Send photos and signature via Email.

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NOTE!!! : We packaged orders with a serial seal to make sure the banknotes are protected from damage, leakage, loss or inspection by custom authorities. Very safe and secure for the delivery of your order. Price rate is usually at 20% the required amount (shipping and handling fee included).

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